‘Tis the Season – to Save Energy!

 Emerson’s Environmental Justice Ministry invites you to check out a simple way to save energy and money: Enroll your smart thermostat with your utility’s energy saving program. You will help reduce stress on the electricity grid, prevent blackouts and save on your electric bill. LADWP also pay$ you in gift cards for participating. One satisfied customer, LindaBeth, reports, “I got a $125 Amazon gift card for enrolling in the program last year and expect $60 more for each year I participate.   This program allows LADWP to briefly adjust my thermostat up to 4 degrees during a few peak usage hours on extremely hot summer days and then revert to your previous setting afterwards. If I don’t like their setting, I can immediately change it, but I usually don’t even notice.” LADWP’s “Power Saver’s” Program is at https://enrollmythermostat.com/ladwp/faqs/ladwp/ If you’re not an LADWP customer, you can find out if your utility participates at https://enrollmythermostat.com/   Southern California Edison’s “Smart Energy” program is at https://enrollmythermostat.com/sce/

If you don’t have a smart thermostat yet, you may even be able to get part or all of its cost paid for by your utility’s rebate program.   I highly recommend smart thermostats. I put my thermostat on a schedule so I don’t have to remember to adjust it every night and afternoon. I can adjust my home’s temperature remotely (upstairs or away from home). The remote has been very convenient when it gets too warm during Zoom meetings!

“But wait – there’s more!” Utility companies also offer rebate programs, services, and tips for saving energy, water and money.   LADWP programs include assessment of your home’s energy usage, ways to optimize your air conditioning, customizing a solar energy system specific to your home, free basic maintenance services from your choice of a list of approved, licensed contractors, rebates for energy-efficient products (including light bulbs, refrigerators, etc.), and rebates for installing attic insulation, turf replacement, smart thermostats, and EV charging stations. Find LADWP programs at https://www.ladwp.com/ – Rebate and Programs menu; and Southern California Edison programs at https://www.sce.com/residential/assistance/energy-saving-program