Now on Summer Break, but changes are coming!

In the interest of expanding the choir and making participation possible for more people, we are considering a different format for the Fall.  Here’s the idea:

  • No weeknight rehearsal
  • Calendar of Sunday Services when the choir would be involved would be available in August.  (Basically twice/month from September to June)
  • Our first Sunday will likely be September 10
  • Rehearse from 9:00-10:10 AM on the Sundays we sing in the service
  • Choir members would be provided with practice tracks they could use to practice beforehand at home.
  • Kick off the Fall choir season with a Saturday choir retreat in late August to give an overview of the up-coming music. (Possibly August 19 or 26 and probably 9:30-3:30 with lunch and snacks provided)
  • Kick off the New Year with another Saturday choir retreat in January to do the same.
  • Hopefully, participants  would be able to plan ahead and notify the choir director when they know they will miss a Sunday.
  • We could add children and youth for special occasions and select music.

We know more singers are out there!  If this plan is something you could support with your “body, mind, spirit, and voice,” please get in touch with Eloise Porter, our choir director, at 818-314-3253 or by email: voice101@gmail.com

If you are looking for a way to get involved and support Emerson, and you can carry a tune, come try a rehearsal or two.  I’d like to see our choir grow and become inter-generational, at least sometimes.  I would ask your input for anything that would encourage you or your family members participation.  If you have elementary-age children that like to sing, I’d love to get them involved for special times.  Please email me your ideas or your interest in joining us at voice101@gmail.com. Hope to see some new or returning faces! – Eloise Porter, Choir Director.

Proof of vaccination is required for in-person choir. 


Music and the Arts are very important to the life of our congregation.
We have a dedicated and enthusiastic adult choir, active in the fall, winter, and spring. During the summer and when the choir is not singing, our Sunday services include special music, much of it integrating the talents of other members of the congregation, many of whom are professional musicians. Our Special Music Committee arranges all special music programming.