In his sermon on December 6, 2020, Reverend Matthew McHale offered suggestions of ways that we can spread kindness:  knit something for someone, support a small business who may be struggling, and then leave a positive review for them, donate money to a worthy cause, write a positive message with sidewalk chalk, let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line, thank a parent, a teacher, or an essential worker, wheel out your neighbors’ trash bin if they forget, send a friend an encouraging email or text, buy a gift for a child who is homeless or in foster care, pay someone a genuine compliment, pick oranges off your tree and leave them in a bowl for people to take, leave a nice note in a public place, call a loved one, put coins in someone’s parking meter, wash your neighbors’ dog, or just be kind to yourself.

If you would like to share acts of kindness that you have given or received, or think would be a good idea, please email LindaBeth at so that we can add them to this page.