Emerson UU Board Meetings:
(Open to All)
2nd Monday of Each Month at 7:30 PM

Everyone is invited to attend via Zoom 1
Next Meeting:
November 13th, 2023
Minutes from June 12, 2023 Meeting

This will be a fun-filled afternoon connecting with friends, old and new, and enjoying music and laughter, food and drink. Best of all, there will be opportunities to bid on dinners, outings, activities and services offered by our members that will not only support the church but continue to bring our Emerson family together throughout the coming year! RSVP HERE!

Can we outdo last years’ events?  You can make the difference!  To add to the wonderful list of offerings click HERE! Contact Louise Rovner to find out other ways you can help.

Don’t forget to RSVP HERE to let us know you are coming.

Sacred Cinema is on hold for the holidays and will resume January 26th.


The Shared Pulpit: A Sermon Seminar for Everyone
Beginning Tuesday, November 14

Erica Hewitt writes in her book The Shared Pulpit, “In our Unitarian Universalist tradition, we speak of shared ministry—the embodied belief that everyone, not just the ordained minister takes part in the ministry of the congregation.” Our tradition calls us to lift up all voices, and preaching, which Ralph Waldo Emerson described as “putting life through the fire of thought,” is a spiritual practice that is open to all.

This transformational small-group program is founded on the belief that laypeople have the wisdom, skills, and lived experience to create meaningful sermons. The Shared Pulpit centers personal experience, refined through theological reflection, as participants learn about the theory and theology of preaching. Those participants practice writing and speaking with authenticity, gradually building toward sermon-length reflections.

Rev. Matthew and worship associate chair Todd Covert, will be leading this program over a course of 8 sessions. Sessions will be the second Tuesday of the month, beginning November 14th. Classes will be 2 hours and 15 minutes (break included) and will begin at either 6:30 or 7 PM, depending on participants availability. Some sessions will be Zoom-only, and some will be in-person and will include time in the Emerson pulpit! Class size is limited!

If you’re interested, want to know more, or want to sign up, send a note to Rev. Matthew at revmatthew@emersonuuc.org.

The Shared Pulpit by Erika Hewitt is available at the UUA Bookstore and on kindle. Rev. Matthew also has an extra copy or two, if purchasing a book is cost prohibitive.

Harvest the Power
Leadership Development Class

We are excited to announce the Harvest the Power Leadership Development class. This class asserts that leadership in a congregational setting can and should be a deeply spiritual experience. This program offers opportunities to enrich and deepen leadership skills as well as spiritual growth, in a way that honors the gifts that each of us brings.​ Harvest the Power is designed for adults of all ages and stages, young adults through elders, who currently hold or are considering accepting a congregational leadership position.

Led by Rev. Matthew McHale & Rev. Rebecca Bijur, Affiliated Community Minister, this program will take place across six Sundays from 1:30-3:30 pm, beginning Sunday, December 10. Future dates are January 14 & 28, February 11 & 25, & March 10.

If you’re interested, want to know more, or want to sign up, email Rev. Matthew at revmatthew@emersonuuc.org
Camp de Benneville Pines has camp events coming up!  For more information, see the De Benneville Pines website Events menu.  (http://debenneville.org/)

Music in the Mountains Folk Music Retreat, November 3-5.

UU Senior High Winter Youth Camp, December 27-January 1.

And don’t forget to REGISTER for Camp De Benneville Pines THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION! November 23-26. 

Winter Art Camp for Adults, December 1-3.

Community Forum At Chalice!
In Person and Livestream Options
Friday, November 10 at 7pm 

Mixing powerful songs and beautiful projected images, Scott takes us to a positive vision for the planet.  Prolific composer guitarist Jim Scott brings a warmth and humor with his jazz and world music influenced songs. Formerly a member of the Paul Winter Consort, Jim was composer of their celebrated Missa Gaia/Earth Mass and sang their anthem song Common Ground. He has toured the world, recorded nine CDs of original music, published a growing line of choral works, and was one of the originators of the “Green Sanctuary” program.

For more information:  https://bit.ly/JimScottTheYeartoSavetheEarth

In person event location at Chalice – 3327 Old Conejo Rd., Newbury Park, CA