The formal search for a one-year renewable-contract minister to serve at Emerson after Rev. Matthew’s ministry concludes on June 30 is underway. The Board of Trustees has appointed the following members to serve as a Ministerial Search Committee:

Todd Covert
Lexy Green
Pam Randall
Nicole Thibadeaux
Tracy Watson

Our congregation will be supported in this search by members of the Transitions Office of the UUA.

In an effort to promote as much transparency in the search as possible and consider the breadth of opinions and preferences among congregants and communities of interest within the congregation, members of the Committee will be available both in person and on Zoom over the coming weeks.  The first two opportunities are:

In-person:  This Sunday, 5/19, after the service in the Sanctuary (in conjunction with Stewardship Campaign  celebration and informational budget meeting)

On Zoom: Thursday, 5/23, 7 to 8 pm (Zoom 2)

The UUA provides a number of questions for congregants to reflect on relevant to a ministerial transition. The Committee encourages our membership to consider these:

–Why did you come to our congregation?
–Why do you stay?
–In the last ministry, I wish our congregation had had more _______
–In the last ministry, I wish our congregation had had less _______
–What do you hope never changes in our congregation?
–What do you think could be improved with fresh perspective and energy?

If you cannot join us for one of the meetings, if you wish to, you can send responses to any or all of these questions to the Committee by emailing

Thanks in advance for your engagement in this transition.

In faith and fellowship,
The 2024 Ministerial Search Committee