Learn more about the long history of Palestine and Israel and hear perspectives uncommon in American media.

Follow up: Actions that you can take now:

  1. Contact Your Representatives

Contact President Biden and your Members of Congress and ask them to call for Ceasefire and support or co-sponsor House Resolution 786, or thank them if they have. (You can check here:

To contact your representative, enter your address here  or here

As Hedab shared at the end of her presentation:

  • Demand a Comprehensive, Permanent and Immediate Ceasefire
  • Demand an End to the Palestinian Genocide
  • Oppose US funding of Israel’s War Machine
  • Demand accountability of US involvement in Bombing of Gaza
  • Demand an End to the Occupation
  • Demand a Free & Independent Palestine
  1. Get involved with IfNotNow Los Angeles
  1. Make a donation to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund
  1. Watch (and share) the Zoom Recording of the Teach-in:  The recording is available here: Passcode: 7uN#Rxgr

With sincere gratitude, and in hope for peace and justice,

Rev. Matthew