From Karen Nichols, Tapestry UU’s Women’s Rights Action Group:


I am sending this message to let you know about a Face Book group – UU Women’s Rights Group. If you are so inclined, please forward to your Social Action Group and others in your congregation who may be interested. Now more than ever I think there is a benefit for us to pull together, share information and be in support of each other.

There are currently 361+ members nationwide in the group!

In 2017 I started a Women’s Rights Action Group at my congregation. Check out the link to see what we’ve been up to:

I looked around FB for a national UU Women’s group to connect for ideas, learn about how others are organizing and more importantly as a reminder that there are other like-minded people but I couldn’t find one that fit my idea so after talking to a few folks at my congregation including our minister, I created this group.

As it is a private group, people can only be added by another already in the group.  If you would like to be added, let me know and send me your email address and I will add you right away.

Once in the group you can add any of your UU friends who you know would be interested. If you are not interested but think you know someone who might be, just have them send me their email address at: and I will send them an invite.

The group description is below.


Karen Nichols,
Tapestry UU’s Women’s Rights Action Group Chair


Welcome to the UU Women’s Rights FB page!

We are a dynamic FB group of Unitarian Universalists gathered together to apply our UU principles in support of women and women’s issues. We provide an opportunity for UU’s to connect with other UU’s nationwide who are actively supporting women’s rights. 

If you have any UU FB friends who would like to join, please feel free to directly add them to this group.

Please feel free to share your own or your congregation’s actions both locally and nationally in support of Women’s Rights — especially photos of UUs in action! We encourage an open exchange of ideas and respectful dialogue. We strive to build community and covenant together. This group may also be used to post time-sensitive action alerts regarding bills/laws impacting women’s rights requiring a rapid response.

Please keep your posts on target: women and women’s issues. This could cover various issues, such as equality, reproductive justice, trans and intersex heath and rights, empowerment, healthcare and political activism.

Please do not solicit money on this page. Administrators reserve the right to remove objectionable content.

Looking forward to having this shared space as we continue our journey in supporting Women and Women’s Rights!