Speaker: Rev. Matthew McHale

Ingathering & Water Communion

Jeremy Pace, Worship Associate

A tradition we share with many UU congregations is to begin our new church year with a Water Communion, a ritual honoring our connections to this precious symbol of life and to each other. It is also a time of Ingathering, of … read more.

Labor of Love: Honoring Work & Rest

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate

In the midst of labor strikes in Los Angeles, from hotel workers to writers/actors to city workers, and unionization drives in countless workplaces, we mark Labor Day by celebrating workers, and honoring the need to rest.

Do You Wanna Play?

Julie Borden, Worship Associate

So much of our adult lives revolve about around work and responsibilities. This Sunday we set that aside—and dedicate our service to having FUN!!!  Join us for a service full of play, games, laughs and a few surprises—you don’t want to miss it!

Special … read more.

American: Subject, Consumer or Citizen?

Jeremy Pace, Worship Associate

On this Sunday before Independence Day, what would it means to move from thinking about ourselves as consumers, to see ourselves as citizens—not the kind defined by what passport you have—but by being an engaged member of your community, and helping to write a new story for our … read more.

100th Anniversary of the Flower Communion

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate

The Flower Communion is an annual ritual celebrating beauty, diversity, and community. The Flower Communion was originally created in June 1923 by the Rev. Norbert Čapek (CHAW-peck), who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. Join us to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this ritual treasured by … read more.

How Do We Heal Historic Wrongs?

Jeremy Pace, Worship Associate

Our history is filled with injustice. As inheritors of that painful past (and present), what is our responsibility—individually and collectively—to heal the harms of the past? How can bring about the more just future we yearn for?