Speaker: Gregory C. Carrow-Boyd

Black Joy to the World

Aimee Noel and Julie Borden, Worship Associates.

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Carrow-Boyd returns to our pulpit to discuss Black joy, a concept popularized over social media, centers the need and desire for Black Americans to be fully and freely human in a profoundly anti-Black world.

Rev. Dr. Gregory … read more.

“Rule the World”

Throughout our lives we might wonder or even ask aloud, “What would happen if I ruled the world?” Underlying this question is a level of self-interest where we might fail to consider the needs of others. Gather with us for a worship service where we … read more.


The eve of a New Year presents opportunity, uncertainty and wishful thinking. In this time, our hopes for the year ahead are both distinctly achievable and infinitely elusive. Yet, how we manage to move through this tension, mindful that we might not have achieved all … read more.