Black Joy to the World

Aimee Noel and Julie Borden, Worship Associates.

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Carrow-Boyd returns to our pulpit to discuss Black joy, a concept popularized over social media, centers the need and desire for Black Americans to be fully and freely human in a profoundly anti-Black world.

Rev. Dr. Gregory C. Carrow-Boyd (he/him) is a Master Credentialed Religious Educator. He serves our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as a member of the General Assembly Advisory Council. Greg loves to dance and to spend time with the special young people in his life. He also works as as Director of Adult Learning and Program Evaluation for More Than Sex-Ed, a Greater LA-based sexuality education collective that brings the UUA- and United Church of Christ comprehensive sexuality education curriculum, Our Whole Lives, to schools, home school groups and the greater community.