WhATSON MY MIND: ByLaws: To Question Is the Answer

By Tracy Watson

Vice President, Board of Trustees



Do you ever wonder how often and when the congregational meetings get set? How many people are on the Board of Trustees and how long they can serve? What would happen if some members of the congregation wanted to take a position on behalf of Emerson on a controversial issue? What are the Nominating Committee, the Committee on Ministry, and the Search Committee?

These and other questions are addressed in the Bylaws of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church. The Bylaws are found on the Home page under the category “about us” and the subcategory “governing documents.” In eight easy-to-read pages, the basic organization is described and the mystery solved.

Our Bylaws, however, are a living document. As Vice President, I serve on a committee of a minimum of three voting members of Emerson to review the current Bylaws and make recommendations regarding whether they can be improved or updated based on the current needs of the church.

[Spoiler alert: our new minister has some ideas for changing the Bylaws!]

The Board President may appoint members of the Bylaws Review Committee as needed. Does that sound like your cup of tea? Volunteers are invited to let us know that you would be willing to serve. As a bonus, you will finally get around to looking at the governing documents of this church. You may just find something useful!