Speaker: Worship Leader

A Closed Mouth Never Gets Fed

David Early, Worship Associate

The world can, from a certain perspective, feel like an endless abyss of need. Is there any way to have a practical and healthy relationship to this need? How does giving help create space to ask? How does asking help connect us?
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“Brigit’s Winter Light”

Tracy Watson, Worship Associate

For modern Pagans, the beginning of February is celebrated as Imbolc, while in the Roman Catholic Church, it is marked by the Feast of Candlemas on the second day of the month.  Imbolc has long been associated with the goddess known in … read more.

As We Are

Melissa Marote, Worship Associate

As we approach another National Coming Out Day, we look to what it means for all humans to accept themselves fully. What does it mean to live without hiding or lying about ourselves? Is there anything in our lives that waits for … read more.