What Is Our Center?

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate

As a non-creedal faith, what binds us together? When we cherish individual searching and questioning, how do we also together articulate what is the center of our faith? The Article II Study Commission of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has worked diligently to reframe how we name for our bylaws who Unitarian Universalists are at our core. They have engaged people from across our faith in grappling openly with this essential question. Join us as we explore their work and what it means for us.

If you would like to dive into the work of the Article II Study Commission of the UUA you can do so here: uua.org/uuagovernance/committees/article-ii-study-commission

Their full report came out this January and can be found here:

Special Music: “Onward” by Hap Palmer, offered by Hap Palmer, Mia Forbes & Kevin Mathie