Wake up to Racism: Pass the 8th

It is time that all white UUs wake up to the reality of racism. In fact, it is past time! Our congregations say they value every person’s inherent worth and dignity; they say they agree to work for Justice, equity, and compassion, but how so and for whom? How many promises of change have been broken to our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) siblings in faith? And isn’t it time we make good on such promises? Join us and learn about the 8th Principle as we commit ourselves to change and keep our promise of building a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community.
Roddy Biggs is a university student finishing their bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies before pursuing seminary in the Fall. They are an aspirant for UU ministry. Roddy is a member of the First UU Church of Nashville, where they are a worship associate, a lay minister on the pastoral care team, and co-chair for the Social Justice Ministries. Roddy is also serving in an academic internship for the Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Revival Network, and serves on the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Mental Health Network. Roddy is a frequent lay speaker and has a passion for topics that have historically been left out of religious spaces, including topics of mental health challenges, queerness, and multiracial identities, and is planning to continue such vocation and advocacy as they continue their education and enter into life long service in Unitarian Universalist faith communities.
David Early, Worship Associate
Special music: “Ella’s Song” by Bernice Johnson Reagon. First Congregational Church of LA with Hap Palmer, Geneva Walker, and Mia Forbes.