The Curse of Culann’s Hound

Julie Borden, Worship Associate
Adam Nisenholz, Tech Associate

As we lament yet another act of violence by police officers against a Black man, protests intensify across our country along with calls to defund–or even abolish–the police. Can we? Should we? The long history of oppressive police violence against marginalized communities in the United States notwithstanding, it is not a problem limited to our society. History is full of instances of police brutality around the world and mythic tales and social taboos have long warned of the dangers inherent when a force of warriors is established in the community. What can we learn from these cautionary tales about the militarization–and demilitarization–of the police?

Todd Covert has been a member and Worship Associate at Emerson since 2018 and returns to our pulpit for a second time…the first time without an actual pulpit! A member of the pagan clergy since 1999, Todd has also spoken multiple times at the Conejo Valley UU fellowship and at numerous other venues. Formerly the executive director of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles and president of the Celtic Arts Center in North Hollywood, he has a particular fascination with the lessons of pre-Christian myth for contemporary society.