Fighting Against Racism – How to Hold Ourselves Accountable

Rev. Celia Young is the founder of Authentic Living Ministry. For over 30 years, Ms. Young has used her life’s experience in her consulting and coaching work to achieve social justice in FORTUNE 500 corporations worldwide. She has coached and developed individual leaders and work teams to follow their north stars, preserve their integrity, and become who they truly are. These leaders and employees have become courageous enough to speak their truth, stand on their highest principles, and help change their organizational culture to value and nurture the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of their people.  Looking toward the last quarter of her life, Ms. Young has expanded her ministry and spiritual activism from the workplace into the larger society where she helps heal the traumatized and suffering, mend the broken human spirit, and restore the basic goodness of humanity.

Besides being a leadership and life coach, and spiritual activist, Ms. Young is also an inspirational speaker.

Ms. Young has a BA in Business Administration, an MBA in Marketing, an MA in Counseling Psychology, and a Master of Divinity (equivalent).  She is also an ordained interfaith chaplain.