A Fire Communion Service for the New Year

Todd Covert & David Early, Worship Associates
Kevin Mathie, Music Director
     Join us as we bring back our ritual of releasing the negative and affirming the positive in our lives in conjunction with the turning of the year.  (If you are participating in this hybrid service on Zoom, be prepared with paper and something to write with.)
     This service is most meaningful in person; however we want to let you know that there will be no heat so please dress warmly. In light of the skyrocketing COVID rates we will tighten up our COVID safety measures and encourage people to stay at home if you are at higher risk, are around unvaccinated individuals, or have any symptoms of illness.  RSVP’s are requested; however we are having some difficulty with our new link.  If you have attended in-person in the past 2 months you should be on our list and will have already agreed to our Health & Safety Covenant.  Vaccinations are required; booster is highly recommended.
Special Music Offering by Sharra Romany