Sacred Cinema: How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Julie Borden, Worship Associate

Our Sacred Cinema film for August is How to Blow Up a Pipeline, a film about a disparate group of young environmental activists who execute a daring mission to sabotage an oil pipeline, which was inspired by Andreas Malm’s 2021 non-fiction book of the same name. This Sunday we explore the messy gray area of what sort of protests and direct action are morally justifiable in the face of ecological catastrophe.

On the fourth Friday of each month we watch a film in the Sanctuary, and then explore its themes and meanings in Sunday’s service. “How To Blow Up a Pipeline” will be screened at Emerson on Friday, August 25th.  Doors open at 7:00pm. Film at 7:15. Bring a favorite movie snack and Rev. Matthew will provide gourmet popcorn!

“How to Blow Up a Pipeline” is also streaming on Hulu.