Ingathering Water Communion

Julie Borden, Worship Associate

A tradition we share with many UU congregations is to begin our new church year with a Water Communion, a ritual honoring our connections to this precious symbol of life and to each other. It is a time of Ingathering, of coming back together after the summer, this year it also marks our ongoing process of coming back together following the pandemic.

You are invited to bring a small amount of water from somewhere special to you (your home, a favorite river or reservoir, a vacation spot, rainwater, etc.) If you are attending on zoom, please have a small vessel of water within reach during the service.

Choral Anthem:  “The Waters of the World” by Stan Pethel, arr. by Eloise Porter
and music by the Em Band.

Join us after the service for our Ingathering Potluck, bring some food to share, and break bread with friends, new and old. We’ll also be playing some games, so bring a favorite game to play. Or join in our Get Out the Vote efforts, by writing letters or postcards, with our Environmental Justice Ministry.