Creating Peace in Uncertain Times

Brian Nelson, Worship Associate
David Early, Tech Associate

As we maneuver Covid-19 and get deep into the election season, we may wonder:  Will it get better? In Buddha’s first discourse, he offered the idea that it may not. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find peace amidst the turmoil. Indeed, creating peace, outer and inner, may be the only path through!

Rev. Noel “Pu-An” Alumit received his Master of Divinity in Buddhist chaplaincy at the University of the West, where he is currently adjunct faculty. He was ordained through the International Center for Chinese Buddhist Culture and Education, and facilitates meditation groups in Los Angeles. Noel is fascinated by the intersection of creativity and spirituality; he also has a BFA in Drama, and is a Los Angeles Times bestselling novelist who previously spoke here at Emerson about his fiction in our “Colors of Language” book series.

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