All Our Rivers Flow into One – Water Communion

Emerson celebrates our new multi-platform capabilities, which enables us to be back together in the sanctuary for the first time in over a year-and-a-half or to remain online if we choose.  See photos of our reunion worship service (as well as information about getting back together safely) in our “Back Together Updates” pages in our News menu.

Our Water Communion traditionally marks the beginning of Emerson’s church year in September. This year we celebrate it later, to mark our coming back together in the sanctuary for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. We also know that as some of us are able to come together, others will continue to stay online. Join us as we learn to navigate the waters of our current reality, together.

All are invited to bring a small container of water (or have one nearby) which symbolizes part of your journey during the past year and a half. We will mingle these together as part of our water communion ritual.

Julie Borden, Worship Associate

Choral Anthem: “Down to the River to Pray,” traditional