Rev. Matthew McHale, Settled Minister; Terry Hassman-Paulin, Lay Worship Leader

Our annual Water Communion marks the beginning of our church year. This will be Rev. Matthew McHale’s first time preaching as Emerson’s settled minister! It also marks the end of a summer punctuated by a string of shootings, natural disasters, and a vitriolic election season. How can we navigate these troubled waters together? Come welcome Rev. Matthew and bring a small sample of water from your summer vacation for our water communion.

Below is a video of Rev. Matthew McHale’s sermon, “Troubled Waters.” (The first minute was not recorded; all the rest of the video is intact.)


Emmalinda MacLean and Eric Rosloff pour river water into the Water Communion bowl.

The Emerson Choir, under the direction of Scott Rieker and accompanied by Peter Shannon, will present “As torrents in summer” by Edward Elgar. The congregation and choir will sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel.


Nara Petrosyan, pianist, performs the Postlude.

Following the service will be a “Try-It-Out” choir rehearsal. Come and stick a toe in the water. You’ll experience the joy of community singing!