All Shall Be Well

Melissa Marote, Worship Associate
David Early, Tech Associate

After a series of intense visions Julian of Norwich penned the words “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Living during the 1300’s she and her contemporaries experienced the devastations of plague, famine, and war. We will explore our common humanity with people from earlier times, those who also had to face tragedy and loss; many like Julian remained resilient and hopeful. One of our Universalist ancestors, Julian’s manuscript was copied, cherished, and rediscovered. Her words of hope and her description of “Mother God’ have joyfully resonated with readers of different faiths for nearly 700 years.

Rev. Rayna Hamre is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister who serves as the Assistant Minister at the UU Church of Long Beach, and as the Affiliated Community Minister at Tapestry UU in Lake Forest. Rev. Rayna is also the founder and lead teacher of Three Worlds One Heart, providing education and meditation experience to those interested in the western mystery tradition. She was born in Long Beach and grew up in Orange County. She lives with her husband Steve, also a long-time UU, and her cat BB in Huntington Beach. Her passions include metaphysics, science, and social justice, particularly for those experiencing homelessness. She is a member of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) Orange County.