RE Matters: Joy at Church



By Emmalinda MacLean

Director, Religious Education


I believe wholeheartedly that children will best absorb the values that our religion has to teach them if church is a joyful place, and I try to bring that belief into all of our religious education programming. Of course, the challenge is that children are not a homogenous block—everyone enjoys different things, and we can’t promise to make everyone happy 100% of the time, but this is why we have a covenant.


RE classes include lots of different types of activities, and I try to hit as many learning styles and kinds of intelligence as I can from month to month, but I know better than to think that every child will be thrilled with every lesson plan. My hope, however, is that all of our church’s children learn that we value their interests and feelings, that they can still be in community with people who are different, and that spiritual meaning can be found in unexpected places.


Of course, I hope those things for everyone who comes to Emerson, adults included, and we have lots of opportunities to get involved if you’re looking to stretch, grow, find joy, and feel valued! Below are a few pictures of recent fun times in RE, and the year ahead promises to bring much more. Thank you to all of the families who have chosen to make our church a part of your children’s lives!