FROM THE BOARD: “Three Heads are Better than One”

By Tracy Watson

Vice President, Board of Trustees


At its February meeting, the Emerson Board of Trustees continued to grapple with the problem of filling the vacant position of Building and Grounds Manager. Recently we almost lost our wonderful Board President, Lynne Masuhara, who had just about decided that she was the only one willing to take this on. Then, inspiration struck. This latest idea for how to fill a job without an available volunteer was certainly unique. Since we cannot recruit a single volunteer who will take on the challenges of overseeing the indoor facility needs, the outdoor maintenance requirements, and the interactions with our renters, why not recruit three?


This idea is not without precedent. It follows the successful reworking under the guidance of Leslie Reuter of the finance team, which now consists of a trifecta rather than a single overtaxed controller/treasurer/fund custodian.


Following in these footsteps, the Board has decided to try finding three volunteers to take on smaller responsibilities while enjoying the camaraderie of the team that will now be behind keeping the lights on. [The importance of this should hit very close to home for anyone who tried to use the north bathroom on Sunday morning, February 12, and discovered that it was dark and there was literally no one to change the light bulb!]


We have some candidates in mind for this desperately needed responsibility, but volunteers are also welcome to come forward. Talk to Reverend Matthew or anyone on the Board if this sounds like your cup of tea. It’s the perfect time of year to focus on sharing our time, talent, and treasure for the good of Emerson!