A Beltane Celebration at Emerson

Hurrah, Hurray now comes the May!
promising summer we dance and play,
festooned with garlands, streaming ribbons gay,
Gathered here are we, to celebrate this Day.

The ancient Celts honored the turning of the seasons at this time of year with blessings of the crops and animals. Fires were lit to utilize the energy of the Sun for protection and purification, blessing the land, the people and their herds with the fire’s fertile gifts. Observances such as the Bel-fire and Maypole dance were (and still are) considered sympathetic magic assuring fecundity in the community.

We can source this energy for results in our own lives and will pay tribute to this very old custom with our own Maypole dance and celebration for the first Sunday of the month.

If attending in person, bring a length of ribbon at least 15 feet long if you wish to dance around the Maypole. You may also wish to bring a few flowers to decorate our altar.  If you are attending via Zoom, provide yourself with some colorful ribbons to braid and join in the spirit of the Maypole dance.