EMERSON U.U. is a growing church and as such, we need everyone to step up and donate time and expertise in a wide variety of areas.
  • There are currently openings for Board Members, for a member of the Building and Grounds Team, and for a Finance Manager.
  • Emerson needs people with computer skills to help with editing and posting sermon videos, and creating and running PowerPoint presentations.
  • There is always a need for extra hands to help with the Sunday Coffee Hour.

If you can help, you can talk to a member of the Board, a person working in the kitchen, someone singing in the choir, a smiling face at the welcome desk, or anyone with a name tag!

Jacqui Tolin has shared with the Board her desire to no longer continue as the Controller or Web Master at Emerson UU Church.  We are seeking anyone who would like to help with Bookkeeping, Pledges, Reports, and/or the General Overview of Finances.We will also need a person or persons to update and maintain the Emerson website.Please contact Clinton Bench or Reverend Matthew directly if you are interested in volunteering.  You may also contact Jacqui directly if you wish to speak with her.

One is the Loneliest Number (By Tracy Watson)

Emerson is a church that runs on the power of volunteers. It is a beautiful thing to see! Whether the parking lot gets opened for an event, the coffee gets made, the classes get taught, the visitors get greeted, the offering gets collected and counted, or the weeds get pulled, someone in this church was behind it. And as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”

Are you someone who loves to help but is worried about taking on the entire responsibility? You are not alone. We have lots of volunteers who would be thrilled to be partnered with you for a simple task that can be done once or twice a month. What are your interests? Where is your comfort zone? How would you like to help?

Talk to any Emerson member. We will try to find a team, or a job, that is just right for you.

“Anything you can do, WE can do better,
I can do anything better WITH you!”