Minister’s Column

MINISTER’S COLUMN: After the Election, Showing Up for Justice

  By Rev. Matthew McHale  Minister, Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church At our ministerial start-up weekend in October, congregational leaders identified several key priorities for our first year together, one of which was to revitalize our justice work. As a minister, I’m very passionate about justice work and I had been wishing for a more … Continued

MINISTER’S COLUMN: Reflections on Disaffection and the Election

By Rev. Matthew McHale, Minister This past month I have found myself preoccupied with the presidential election. I read multiple articles a day about the latest developments: leaked emails, inflammatory language, and the results of the newest polls. Part of me is concerned for the future of this country, part of me can’t look … Continued


By Rev. Matthew McHale, Minister Starting this church year, Emerson will be participating in “Soul Matters,” a Small Group Ministry program built around monthly themes. What I am really enthusiastic about is that Soul Matters is not a stand-alone program—we will also be exploring those themes in Worship and in Children’s Religious Education.   … Continued

MINISTER’S COLUMN: Journeying and Arriving

By Rev. Matthew McHale Minister, Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church   Every endeavor begins with a first step, and encounters darkness and difficulty along the way. We know the darkness of ignorance, of fear, and of tyranny. Yet we know the dawning of the light, the beginnings of hope, and the renewal of life. Blessed be … Continued

MINISTER’S COLUMN: Rev. Mike Young’s Parting Message

By Rev. Mike Young, Interim Minister Emerson UU Church, Canoga Park, CA This coming Sunday will be my last church service with you.  It’s been mostly a fun run!  Nancy and I have become very fond of you all, and will miss you deeply. Leaving is always awkward, because my UUMA professional ethics requires that … Continued

MINISTER’S COLUMN: Voting for the Settled Minister

Rev. Mike Young Interim Minister April 7th is the day that our Ministerial Search Committee can offer a candidate the job of Settled Minister. If the candidate says, “Yes!” then they choose a week—Sunday to Sunday—for the candidate to come meet and greet and preach. After that second Sunday service, you all will vote. … Continued