The Story of Who We Are

Todd Covert, Worship Associate
Adam Nisenholz, Tech Associate

Tell me the story of who we are. The stories we tell – and those we don’t tell – shape who we are. So who are we, as a denomination? What stories do we tell? And how can we grow by adding new stories to our repertoire? Let us explore the stories we tell and focus on one that we don’t tell enough: that of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines!

Rica, who was born and raised in Germany, graduated from Meadville Lombard Theological School and completed her internship with Orange Coast UU Church this June. Last week she became a Fellowshipped Unitarian Universalist Minister and looks forward to being ordained soon. Rica began her ministry with Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim in October of this year. Rica also works as a lecturer for Academic English at UCI, and she frequently volunteers with CCEJ’s Building Bridges Camp, taking teenagers from all over the region to the mountains for a weekend to teach them about systems of oppression and how to dismantle them. Her favorite thing in the world is spending time with her daughter Elise.