“Squidward Has Six Legs (and Other Absurdist Tales)”

David Early, Worship Associate

How do we understand a world in which the absurd becomes the norm? We can fight it, gnashing our teeth until they are ground into powder; or, we can embrace the absurd, finding humor in the little things, searching for beauty everywhere we turn, and living into the challenges thrown at us.

Erik Halseth is a graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry and is pursuing ordination as a Unitarian Universalist and with the United Church of Christ. Busy with his family, he occasionally writes and records a video for his YouTube channel, Spiritual Daily Minute. Erik is currently embarking on a new adventure as a hospice chaplain with Skirball Hospice, part of the LA Jewish Health organization.

Music –  “You Can’t Rollerskate In a Buffalo Herd” by Roger Miller.
Performed by Kevin Mathie