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Each month our church community explores the same Soul Matters theme together in Worship, in Religious Education Classes, and in our Small Group Ministries.

Changes to Soul  Matters Small Groups

Starting this September 2018, our existing Soul Matters small groups are coming to a close and we will be forming new brand small groups. This will allow us to better accommodate/integrate new people, who may not be able to meet at the times of existing groups. Additional new and returning people alike will have the opportunity to make connections with new people, and benefit from new perspectives and experiences. Some of you may be wondering…

 What is Soul Matters?

Soul Matters small groups are the core of our adult spiritual development program at Emerson. Each month, these small groups explore the monthly worship theme in greater depth.

Soul Matters offers the gift of spiritual connection. Around us swirls a shallow, frantic and materialistic culture that regularly leaves us cut off from our deepest selves, life’s gifts and needs greater than our own. Many of us come to church hungry to mend these sacred connections that get frayed and torn. Soul Matters exists to support this journey of reconnection to life, others and ourselves.

Soul Matters is an invitation to experience the worship theme, not just talk about it.

Spiritual analysis without spiritual practice leaves us unchanged, that’s why group members are invited to try out a spiritual practice each month. These spiritual practices take us beyond the question of “What do you think?” and invite us into the deeper one of “Where are you willing to let your faith take you?” Multiple spiritual practices are suggested each month, which allows people to pick the one that meets them where they are. Some exercises are intense; others are playful. Some involve a lot of time and commitment; others can be done in one sitting.

Additionally, each month there are a series of questions related to the theme; rather than going down the list and answering all the questions, participants are invited find the one or two questions that “hook them”—that speak to them in some dramatic or challenging way—and “live with” or “walk with” that question for the few weeks leading up to the meeting.

Through these small  groups, we help each other deepen our personal spiritual connections and strengthen our bond to each other as members of this faith community.

If you are interested in signing up for a small group, please fill out one of the Small Group Ministry registration forms at the welcome desk.

-Rev. Matthew McHale