September Theme: WELCOME!

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As part of our participation in the Soul Matters program, each month our church community will be exploring the same theme together in Worship Services, in Religious Education Classes, and in our Small Group Ministries (which are also kicking off this month.)

So many connections between our theme of Welcome and the holidays and holy days in September!

Muharram,Mabon and Rosh Hashanah invite us to welcome new beginnings.


Yom Kippur asks us to open ourselves to sept forgiveness and letting go.


Rumi’s birthday celebrates a spiritual guide who saw divine invitation everywhere he looked.


Hispanic heritage month offers an opportunity to welcome in wider diversity and justice for immigrants.


Suicide prevention month calls us to let in and be more aware of the pain of others.


Labor Day calls us to welcome,honor and build on the sacrifice and struggle of those who have gone before us.


September 11th asks us to welcome memory and vulnerability.


John Murray’s sermon celebrates the spirit of radial welcome and wide embrace that sits at the center of our faith.


International peace day and world gratitude days ask us, “How might a radical welcome of peace and gratitude change the world?”


And don’t underestimate Hobbit Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day’s important invitation to lean into silliness and a bit more adventure!


Such richness this month. So many points of connection to play with. So many ways the theme helps us engage


September’s holidays and holy days anew!

And here at Emerson we welcome everyone on Sept 10th with our Water Communion. As part of this annual ritual we will blend together water collected from our travels and experiences this summer, as a way of reconnecting and joining together in community.

pouring water