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On July 10, 2016, Spike Dolomite Ward, a woman who for many years did not set foot in a church, described her evolution to becoming a UU “church lady.” Watch her amazing story!


Spike Dolomite Ward

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David Early’s Thoughts on Emerson UU Church

David Early, who is one of Emerson’s lay worship leaders, offered this description of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church in a recent “Welcome” he delivered to the congregation. We are reproducing it here, with David’s permission:


At Emerson UUC March 2015 Aja shirt-2 copy (1)

David Early

Emerson is musical—our very skilled pianist, excellent choir and talented performers of special music give a vital, varied, and emotionally satisfying element to the Sunday services.


Emerson is inclusive—welcoming of everyone. Emerson is enlightening—Religious Education during Sunday services mentors our youth. Documentary films shown after services and our guest speakers both in services and on weeknights provide important knowledge about issues and causes. Emerson is congenial—friendliness is in abundance at all times. Emerson is principled—consistently acting on the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism. Emerson is involved—interacting with other UUs and local organizations for social justice and the greater good.

David commented, in particular, on our music program:

Christy Marshall is the very versatile Collaborative Pianist for services. She provides superior accompaniment for the choir both in performance and in rehearsals, giving valuable assistance to members in learning their parts. She also plays the hymns in a helpful way for the congregation, and consistently finds and plays appropriate music for various elements of the service.

Scott Rieker, Emerson’s Choir Director, makes our choir rehearsals efficient, fun, and uplifting. He has expanded the repertoire greatly in terms of language, genres, and range of complexity. He is conscientious and always willing to allow time for isolating parts of the music that choir members request to improve. He has great communication skills, both in his regular emails to the choir and in rehearsals.



David Early (far right, on drums) performs with a Special Music Group (left to right: Paul Mahdavi-Bernstein, Hap Palmer, Mia Forbes, Sindy Swerdlove, and David).