Speaker: Rev. Matthew McHale

Blessing of the Animals

Julie Borden, Worship Associate

Human beings are deeply connected to other animals. Today we welcome our animal friends into our virtual service and celebrate their many blessings.

The event takes place online this year so people and their beloved animal companions can participate from the comfort of … read more.

Vote Love, Defeat Hate

Melissa Marote, Worship Associate

Featuring UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray, and the UU the Vote Team

In the midst of global pandemic, rising authoritarianism, and uprising, lives hang in the balance and the future of democracy is on the line. In response, Unitarian Universalists are answering the call … read more.

When “Sorry” Isn’t Enough

Nancy Watanabe, Worship Associate

Today marks the beginning of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in Judaism, also known as the Day of Atonement. In the days leading up, one repents for the wrongs or “sins” committed during the last year. Atonement requires more … read more.

Water Communion

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate

Our Water Communion marks the traditional start of the church year, it is a time of ingathering, of coming back together after the summer.
This year we can’t meet in person to mingle together the waters we collected over the summer, as … read more.

Work in the Time of COVID

David Early, Worship Associate

The pandemic has been incredibly challenging for workers—frontline workers in the healthcare and service industry who cannot work from home and are increased risk for catching COVID-19, people trying to work while also taking care of their kids, and the millions of … read more.

When Hope Is Hard to Find

Julie Borden, Worship Associate

In times such as these, where do we find hope? And what do we even mean by “hope”? Hope is not certainty—a belief that things will work out—but a commitment to keep going, even if we aren’t sure of the way forward. … read more.

Question Box Sunday

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate
Our UU faith places a great spiritual value on the practice of asking questions. This Sunday, as a celebration of our quest for truth and meaning, we will give you the opportunity to ask your minister your burning questions about faith, spirituality, and … read more.