Speaker: Rev. Matthew McHale

Until We Meet Again

Todd Covert, Worship Associate

This is Rev. Matthew’s final Sunday before his 5 month sabbatical. (He will still lead our Christmas Eve Service.) He will speak about his hopes for himself and for the congregation during this time.Choral Anthem: “One Earth, One Sky” by Kim Oler, … read more.

Reimagining Gathering

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate

The pandemic has disrupted how we gather, from holidays to church services. As we navigate the complicated process of coming back together—with friends, with family, and as a community—this is an opportunity to think about how and why we gather.

LINK TO … read more.

“Responding with Powerful Love”

This Sunday we explore the power of non-violence, from Gandhi, King, and Thoreau to how non-violence, rooted in deep love, can be a force for justice in our current moment.

Nancy Watanabe, Worship Associate

Choral Anthem: “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize,” traditional folk song, arr. by … read more.

How Can They Not Be Among Us

In many faith and cultural traditions, this is the season to remember and honor our ancestors and beloved dead. This Sunday we hold a service of remembrance, for those we have lost, and who live on within our hearts and minds.

All are invited to have … read more.

Coming Out & Coming into a Circle of Love

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate

National Coming Out Day (October 11) celebrates coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ+). In honor of NCOD, we celebrate the right, the privilege, and the power of having the choice to come out—whether about one’s sexual orientation, gender, … read more.