Speaker: Rev. Matthew McHale

You Gotta Laugh

One of the things that helped so many of us weather this incredibly difficult pandemic has been humor. It can lift our spirits, or even be an act of defiance. Join us this Sunday as we laugh in the face of it all.

Julie Borden, Worship … read more.

Listening to the Still Small Voice

Sometimes if we listen closely and quiet ourselves, we can hear the small voice within us—whether it’s our conscience, a voice of inner wisdom, or the divine. How can we better listen to this inner wisdom?

Melissa Marote, Worship Associate

Special Music: Vienna … read more.

Take Care of Yourself, Still

During the pandemic, some of us have learned how to better listen to our spiritual and physical needs or found new ways to engage in self-care. And some of us are still learning how or, due to the stresses of pandemic, have not had the … read more.

Radical Acceptance

So often we are unsatisfied with the way things are—in our relationships, in society, and especially with ourselves. We often wish things were different, but even with is a desire to change, we can’t do that until we embrace the life that’s here.

Julie Borden, Worship … read more.

Widening the Circle

Widening the circle of our faith is something that Unitarian Universalists aspire to—greater diversity, radical inclusion—yet sometimes it’s easier to stay inside our comfort zones. How might we draw the circle wider?
Special Music: “Just Remember I love You” by Firefall performed by Melissa Marote

Melissa Marote, … read more.

Flower Communion

Annual Flower Communion—a celebration of beauty, uniqueness, diversity and community.  You are invited to send a picture of yourself holding a flower (or near some flowers) to Rev. Matthew <revmatthew@emersonuuc.org> by Friday, May 7 to have your picture included in the slideshow/collage.

David Early, Worship … read more.

Earth Day Service – Inspired by Our Love for the World

In the face of global warming, ecological devastation, economic inequality, and widespread injustice, it is easy to feel powerless, overwhelmed, cynical or despairing. This Sunday Rev. Matthew and members of Emerson’s environmental justice ministry we will explore how we can respond with unexpected resilience and creative power … read more.

Mindfulness vs. Tech Brain

The widespread use of smartphones, computers and the internet has rewired our brains in numerous ways, including shorter attention spans and leaving us more distracted. Mindfulness practices are an antidote to distraction, helping us to be awake and aware of the present moment.

Linda … read more.

Easter Sunday

Easter celebrates the story of Jesus being brought back to life, but it is also the story of a community figuring out how to move forward after a loss, despite their confusion, uncertainty and grief. This Sunday we reflect on that which has helped bring us back to life when … read more.