Speaker: Rev. Matthew McHale

A Dream Deferred – MLK Sunday

Over 55 years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of his dream for a racially just society. In the years since, we have seen inspiring progress and heartbreaking setbacks in the movement toward that dream, and recent events have shown us how far … read more.

What to Do When Nothing Can Be Done

Faced with others’ suffering, many of us are inclined to try and help or fix. But oftentimes, there is not a problem that can be easily solved, if at all; the suffering caused by this pandemic being an obvious example. This Sunday, we explore how … read more.

Releasing and Moving Forward

The threshold of a new year is a time to reflect on the joys and sorrows, the changes and transitions, the ups and downs of the year coming to an end. It is also a time to consider our hopes and intentions for the coming … read more.

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Join us for our traditional candlelight Christmas eve service. Don’t forget to bring a candle to continue the Silent Night candle lighting tradition from the comfort of your home.

Each Kindness

At a time when so many of us are struggling, acts of kindness, large or small, help brighten the day of the giver and the recipient. They can spread like ripples in a pond, having impacts beyond our imagination.

Special Music: “Hallelujah” by MaMuse

Linda Fitzgerald, … read more.

Bread Communion

Sharing a bread communion together is a long-standing tradition at Emerson. As with so many things, our bread communion will be different this year. Whether it’s homemade or from the store, sourdough, cornbread, whole wheat, zucchini bread, or gluten-free, you are invited to bring some bread with … read more.

If the Only Prayer You Ever Say is Thank You

German theologian Meister Eckhart wrote, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” During these difficult times, let us find a sense of gratitude for what we have.

Choral Anthem: “Look at the World” by John Rutter

David Early, Worship Associate

We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

Linda Fitzgerald, Worship Associate

The struggle for justice is about so much more than one election, or even electoral politics. After the campaigns have ended, the polls have closed, and votes have been counted, how can we continue to help bring about the changes necessary for … read more.

Give Sorrow Words: Honoring Our Grief

Todd Covert, Worship Associate

This has been a year defined by grief and loss: Loss of members of the Emerson community, loss of connections, loss of jobs, loss of security. This morning we honor our grief and seek out the beauty, strength and healing that can … read more.