RE Matters: Looking Ahead to Summer Sessions!

It’s the season of graduations, culminations, and year-end performances—no doubt many of you are ready to welcome the lazy days of summer, after making it through the whirlwind end-of-the-school-year. Here’s a peek at what’s coming up for children and youth at Emerson over the next few months, as well as how you can get involved with the Religious Education ministry of the church!

Looking Ahead:




  • June 5 we’ll celebrate our high school seniors who are “bridging” to Young Adulthood: Olivia Calvi, Teddy Wada, and Dustin Washburne.
    • June 5 we’ll also recognize all the volunteer teachers and assistants from this year’s RE program; this church is so blessed by your gifts!
    • And don’t forget—June 5 there is also a congregational meeting after service. Show up! Your vote counts!


  • June 12 will be the last Sunday of this year’s RE classes. Participants will get to say farewell to the programs they’ve attended since September:
    • Preschoolers have completed Chalice Children;
    • Elementary-schoolers have finished Faithful Journeys;
    • Junior-highers are at the end of Building Bridges;
    • And senior high youth are at a new beginning, preparing to welcome new freshmen in the fall and reinvigorate the group with new projects and ideas.


  • June 19, all ages (preschool through high school) will have an end-of-the-year celebration together!
    • This will feed right into the going away party for Rev. Mike and Nancy, following the service—it’s a great day to party it up!


    • If you were waiting for the part where the program needs volunteers, this is it!
    • For twelve weeks over the summer, we’ll have just two groups: an infant/toddler playgroup, and SpiritJams.
      • SpiritJams is a model for RE developed by the Boulder Valley UU Fellowship in Colorado, based on relatively free exploration of a topic or theme. Sessions might include a NatureJam, BodyJam, MusicJam, StoryJam, or ServiceJam. My hope is that these workshops will allow participants to tune in to what feeds their spirit—for children, youth, and adults.


Every Sunday morning, the church needs at least two adult volunteers in every classroom, and summer sessions are a great time to dip your toes in the Sunday-School water to see if it’s something you would enjoy!   Let me know if you might be interested—no matter how hesitant you might feel—and we can talk about setting up a lesson plan for success. I’m excited for a playful, adventuresome, spirit-filled summer, and I would love to work with you to make it a hit!


Feel free to reach out to me via email, Facebook, or phone anytime with your questions and thoughts about the Religious Education program at Emerson; your presence in this community is a gift, and your children are a blessing.


Yours in faith,

Emmalinda MacLean

Director of Religious Education