POET’S SPACE: The Valiant One

By Barbara Tober (aka “Zenyatta”)

The Valiant One

Circling, spinning, whirling

endless orbits around Earth

She was the first living being

to blast through the stratosphere

A perfect candidate for space cadet,

smart, willing to learn,

joyful, and most of all, courageous.

Trained in withstanding tremendous g-forces,

how to eat in space and

remain in the self-contained unit.

She passed all her tests.

This space traveler then performed

admirably in the rocket,

completing her mission.

Unfortunately, she received only

a one-way ticket…

Eventually, a monument, a statue

of the loving creature, was

erected in Moscow.

Her name was Laika.

She was a humble dog

and deserved to return

safely to Earth, to live

out her life.

Alas, this darling was the

sacrificial lamb

to the dirty “Science.”

Thinking that they were the true heroes,

the arrogant humans

never recognized

the true face of God.

© Barbara Tober, February 26, 2016