Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings at Emerson, all ages begin in worship together. Children have an important role in the service by lighting the chalice, then collecting and bringing forward the donations congregants have brought for the West Valley Food Pantry. After the Food Pantry collection, they stay to hear a story told by Emerson’s Director of Religious Education, Emmalinda MacLean.

Emmalinda, a lifelong UU who has served Emerson for five years, brings her background in theater and arts education to creating lively and dramatic “Stories for All Ages” enjoyed by children and adults alike. Then our congregation recites the children’s affirmation together and sing the children and youth off to their classes.


Elementary (1st – 5th grades): This group of children are presented the “Faithful Journeys” curriculum to consider what it means to be a UU, focusing on one of our seven principles. It offers participants the chance to share something they did in the previous week to live our values. They also hear stories, play games, or create art projects on that week’s theme.