MINISTER’S COLUMN: Voting for the Settled Minister

ministerRev. Mike Young
Interim Minister

April 7th is the day that our Ministerial Search Committee can offer a candidate the job of Settled Minister. If the candidate says, “Yes!” then they choose a week—Sunday to Sunday—for the candidate to come meet and greet and preach. After that second Sunday service, you all will vote.

So, that candidating week is very important. The Search Committee will be lining up opportunities and occasions for the candidate to meet and interact with you all. That means committee meetings, receptions, etc. Candidating week is a chance for you to get to know this person, AND for him or her to get to know this congregation.

A minister is called by the congregation. Not by the search committee or by the board of trustees. But by you! The price of admission to the congregational meeting that votes to call the candidate is attendance at as many of the opportunities that week as you can.

Minister and congregation are making major commitments. You want this person to hang around for awhile, and he or she is re-arranging their whole life to be able to serve you. That seems worth spending some care on!

Nancy and I have very much fallen in love with this congregation. We want you to choose well and commit hard!