MINISTER’S COLUMN: Rev. Mike Young’s Parting Message

By Rev. Mike Young, Interim Minister

Emerson UU Church, Canoga Park, CA

This coming Sunday will be my last church service with you.  It’s been mostly a fun run!  Nancy and I have become very fond of you all, and will miss you deeply.

Leaving is always awkward, because my UUMA professional ethics requires that I have no ministerly contact with members for a full year.  Should any such arise, I will refer them to Rev. Matthew and advise him of the contact.  I will not do or say anything that might undermine his ministry with you.  Sometimes this sounds harsh, but my colleagues and I have found over the years that is wise.

You will shortly be welcoming the Reverend Matthew McHale into a very healthy congregation.  You’ll have the fun of getting to know him and he you.  He comes very highly recommended—and not just by the Search Committee and those who got to know him a bit and voted him in.  Make it as easy as possible to come share his vision, and to articulate yours.

My compliments on a successful Congregational Meeting.  You all bit all the necessary bullets and stepped up to the challenges you face.

Nancy and I fly to Honolulu on August 1st.  Matthew will be arriving in July.  While Nancy and I will be taking some well-earned vacation in July, I will have ample opportunity to introduce him to his—by then—empty office.  And I will have the pleasure of introducing him to what I think I know about you.

I know I’m not generally likely to preach politics, but I feel like I’m abandoning you at one of the most important moments in our country’s history.  But continue to build the most committed social and economic justice religious community in the West Valley.