Sunday Worship Service: The Order of Service may be found in this website’s Worship menu. 

Hollywood Bowl Tickets
Purchase tickets before April 5th to sit with Studio City & Emerson UU’s at the Bowl this summer. Contact Anthony Concepcion at ConcepTonesMusic@gmail.com for tickets. 
(See announcement in the News column on the left.) 

NO Gardening with Rev. Matthew until April 4th
Rev. Matthew will be at a Minister’s Gathering and
Family Vacation until April 2nd.

Summer Youth Camp at de Benneville Pines
Registration opens March 18th
(See announcement in News column on the left or longer announcement in the eBlast.)

Date with Death Club
2nd Monday
of Each Month from 3 to 5 pm
Next Session:
April 10th 
LA Public Libraries
(See flyer in News Column to the left)

Exploratory Pagan Group
Meeting on March 21st is cancelled.
NEXT Meeting:  April 4th at 7 pm

Plant-Based Los Angeles now meets ONLY on the First Sunday of each month.
Still from 3 to 4 PM on Zoom 2

Inquirers Series
Sunday, April 2nd; 12 – 1 pm
Minister’s Office & Zoom 1:

Topic:  Faith Development & Small Groups

UU Pacific Southwest Area Assembly:
Living in Harmony with Each Other and Our Earth
April 21-23
UU San Luis Obispo
For more information See Camp de Benneville Pines website: https://www.uucamp.org/camps-retreats/family-camps/2023-pacific-southwest-service-area-assembly/


First Sunday of every month, after the service

Friends, please join us after our Sunday Service to share food, drink, and companionship at our Potluck Lunch. You’re welcome to bring a dish to go around, drinks will be provided. Be ready to fill out a card describing your dish. If you forgot to bring something, don’t worry – we will share.
And be sure to stick around after, we could always use a few hands to make light work.  It’s a great way to get to know people at church.

PERMANENT DATE CHANGE:  ONLY on First Sunday of each month
from 3:00 to 4:00 PM
on Zoom 2*, live2.emersonuuc.org

We share recipes and answer questions about a Whole Food Plant-Based diet without added salt, oil, or sugar. Making us and the planet better one meal at a time. For more information, see the Plant-Based LA page in our Community menu. 

Second Sunday of Each Month at 1:00 PM
In-Person at Emerson

Emerson’s Environmental Justice Ministry team meets once a month to take action for climate justice. Whether it’s local clean energy initiatives, national or global campaign projects with environmental movement partners, or writing letters to encourage voters to support environmental justice – there’s something we can each do to build a better future. Whether a new or longtime member – you are welcome and your action is needed!

For more information, see the Environmental Justice Ministry page in this website and contact co-chairs Rhonda (rhondaplankrichard@gmail.com) and Anna (annalourawagner@gmail.com) for more information.
Anna & Rhonda

First Monday of Each Month at 7:00 PM on Zoom 2*, live2.emersonuuc.org

Over the past year, the Anti-Racism/Racial Justice group has been studying the UUA’s report as to how to dismantle racism and oppression within ourselves and Unitarian Universalism so that we can also “widen the circle” at Emerson.    (See this website’s Racial Justice page in the Community menu for more information.  Please contact LindaBeth if you would like to learn more and perhaps join us.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Emerson’s Book Group’s next meeting is March 28, 2023, at 7:30. Our fiction selection is Sea of Tranquility,  a novel of art, time travel, love, and plague, unfurling a story of humanity across centuries and space, written by Emily St. John Mantel.

Join us via: live2.emersonuuc.org
Zoom Meeting ID: 343 977 3791
Password: chalice
Or call: (669) 900-9128 and
enter ID: 343 977 3791

For more information go to this website’s Book Group page in the Community Activities and Groups menu; Http://www.emersonuuc.org//community/Book-Group.

Then Every Tuesday, 10:30 – 12:30
(Weather permitting)

Join Rev. Matthew in the garden at Emerson: planting, weeding, digging, tending, mulching, and doing whatever could use doing that week. For a couple of hours each week, Rev. Matthew would love to have your help and company in the garden.  Rev. Matthew would love to pass on the wisdom he’s learned from his 15 years of experience growing fruits, vegetables and California natives, and learn what wisdom you have to teach him. Wear some comfortable clothes and we’ll see what grows!

NO Meeting on March 21st. 
NEXT Meeting:  April 4th at 7 pm

First & Third Tuesdays each month at 7:00 PM
Currently ONLINE ONLY via Zoom 2*:  live2.emersonuuc.org

A chat and discussion group looking at Paganism from a UU perspective with the potential to grow into a local chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. For more information, see the Pagan Chat & Study Group page in our Community menu.   We are currently meeting via Zoom only.   

1st Wednesday of the month, 11:45am – 2pm
Next Gathering: April 5th at 11:45 am
Location:  Garden Wok, 6117  Reseda Blvd., Reseda, 818-881-8886.

Contact Tracy Watson for further information.

Members and friends are invited to meet and join like-minded vegetarians and vegans as we explore the advantages of a meat-free lifestyle and to connect with friends, old  and new.   Enjoy great food and great company!  All are welcome.
Contact Tracy Watson: tracyj.watson@yahoo.com or 818-620-9451 (text or call)

Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:00 PM, In-Person
A place where you can connect, listen, and sing. All are invited to participate, even those who are not currently members of Emerson’s Choir.  For more information, see the Music & Choir page in our Community menu.

4th Friday of Each Month
Doors Open:  7:00 pm;
Film at 7:15 pm

On the fourth Friday of each month we watch a film in the Sanctuary, and then explore its themes and meanings in Sunday’s service. 

One of the best ways to get connected in this congregation is by joining one of our small group ministries, which meet once or twice a month. Learn more on our Small Group Ministry page under our Community menu, or by selecting THIS LINK: http://www.emersonuuc.org/community/small-group-ministry/
*Zoom “Rooms”:
Zoom 1 is used for worship services and most church meetings:
(if link doesn’t work, enter live.emersonuuc.org into your search engine (Google, Safari, etc.)
Zoom ID # 858 109 2800
Password: chalice
OR Phone (669) 900-6833
Enter Zoom ID #
858 109 2800
Password: chalice
Zoom 2 is used for most groups (except Elders’ Circle)
(if link doesn’t work, enter live2.emersonuuc.org into your search engine (Google, Safari, etc.)
Zoom Meeting ID: 343 977 3791
Or call: 
(669) 900-9128 and
enter ID: 
343 977 3791 and

Password: chalice