FROM THE BOARD: Welcome back to a new church year!

Dear Emersonians,


You haven’t heard from us for a while because even Board members need a summer break once in a blue moon. Three of us were out of town in July, so we skipped a meeting and started up again the beginning of August.


We have said good-bye to Rev. Mike and Nancy Young, who are probably snorkeling in the warm ocean waters of Hawaii as you read this column. We had some inspiring guest lecturers over the summer and are thankful to the Worship Committee for finding and recruiting them to enhance our Sunday services.


What is foremost on our minds now is the commencement of Rev. Matthew’s tenure. He will officially start at Emerson on August 15 but won’t be in the pulpit until September 11. There have been sightings of him in various committees, and there have been some suggestions made by him already. Stay tuned for his ideas and energy to take Emerson to the next level.


Rev. Matthew, wife Anna, and baby River Grace

Having said that, we are not just waiting for him to lead us, we are also leading ourselves into new territory. Spike Dolomite Ward, Renée Lançon, and Meredith Graham have introduced a new group called Justice Advocacy Ministry (JAM), and during the first session after Sunday services a few weeks ago, we decided to focus on getting the vote out for the November election. Lots of ideas are being entertained, and we hope that you will join us in the effort with your time and talent.

JAM logo color

Are you checking Emerson’s new website on a regular basis? It has been up and running for a while, and there is a lot of important information on it. I love to peruse the various sections to see what is going on at Emerson and am still amazed how many involvement opportunities exist in a church of our size. Check it out at


On a personal note, my summer just came to a close with the beginning of the new school year. I had time to relax, experience something new (a trip to Ireland), and visit my family in Germany. Everyone is doing well and I feel grateful. Now I am ready for the adventure of teaching 4th grade again and moving into the fall season at Emerson with all of you. See you in church.


Bettina Salas

Emerson Board Secretary