Leslie Reuter

Emerson Board Treasurer


We are moving forward with plans for a successful fiscal year next year with the progress of the Ministerial Search Committee, our Annual Canvass in full swing, counting down the days till the church mortgage is paid off, plus I hear planning for the June 4th Rummage Sale.

Congrats and much appreciation to all of you who help make this happen!

The gap is narrowing on pledge income, where we are now at 97% of budget—very close to plan on a year-to-date basis. Expenses generally goeth as income goeth, so we’re generally on-plan in all areas with the exception of expected building repairs.

In prior months, funds were transferred from the General Benefit investment funds to cover building repair expenses and $4,000 in operating cash flow shortfall (for ministerial search expenses). In March, we will need to use additional General Benefit investment funds to cover the UUA/PSWD fair share dues of over $10,000, since they are part of the $38,000 budgeted operating cash flow shortfall. The Congregation approved all these transfers last June.

The canvass co-chairs report good progress so far on the canvass, with close to half of the pledges already made. Next, they will begin reaching out to members in person who have not yet pledged. Be sure to look for the email with the pledge link so you can get your pledge in early and help us reach our goal of $160,000 in pledges.



And lastly, but certainly not least, the mortgage balance has been reduced to $26,409. Another $2,000 in recent mortgage donations has now been received and will be further reducing the mortgage this month along with the regular monthly payment of $4,385. Thanks for all your help towards reaching our goal of paying off the mortgage early—we only need about $7,300 more to reach our goal of full pay off by the end of June!