By Clinton Bench, Treasurer


Seven months through our fiscal year, we have successfully completed our Minister’s installation, holiday services, the Fall Harvest Fundraiser, and numerous celebrations in the lives of our members and friends.  In addition, substantial capital repairs have been completed, including a resealed parking lot, new plantings, updated bathroom fixtures, and more. Amidst these activities, our financial status has remained steady.  Overall, our spending is outpacing our budget (10%) due to the need to complete critical maintenance, higher-than-expected insurance premiums and property tax payments, and other minor factors. Staff compensation is almost exactly on budget, and annual UUA and PSWD dues have been paid in full.

Income is tracking slightly ahead (by 8%) of our budgeted amount for the halfway point of this year, but this is largely due to an insurance claim for office water damage, most of which hasn’t been spent.  Pledge income over the course of this year is slightly below the budgeted amount, but that is partly due to regular seasonal variations. Fundraising income is behind expectations so we will need to execute supplementary fundraising ideas raised during the budgeting process (sales of promotional items, a unique boutique, or a larger-than-usual spring auction).  Other ideas are encouraged, so share them with me at your convenience! – Clinton Bench (Treasurer)