Classes in March: Exploring BALANCE

Here are this month’s Religious Education plans for Sunday mornings; we hope your children will join us to play, create, and wonder!


Sunday, March 4th: Class will experiment with balancing different objects and finding their centers of gravity, as well as playing some movement games to find their own center of gravity and put it to the test!  We’ll explore what it takes to stay centered in an off-kilter world by spinning in circles out on the playground and consider how this centering can help us through difficult times.


Sunday March 11th: This week we’ll learn about the color wheel and how complimentary colors “balance” each other, as well as introducing the idea that mathematics can create intricately balanced art, such as fractals and fibonacci spirals.  Children will have a wide range of media available to explore creating colorful, balanced, beautiful, geometric art!


Sunday, March 18th: We’ll be celebrating the balance of the seasons on this date, as we learn about the spring equinox (March 21) and how pagan religions honor the ever-turning wheel of the year.  The class will take a tour of Emerson’s garden to see what’s changed over the winter months, and we’ll create four-seasons artwork that showcases the varied and ever-changing beauty of our planet earth.



Sunday, March 25th: On this last Sunday before Easter, we’ll hear how many religions have stories about life and death and rebirth; we’ll share the traditional Christian story of Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection, and imagine how this tells a broader human story about the balance of life and death.  We’ll also prepare for our annual “canned food hunt” which supports the West Valley Food Pantry!


I look forward to having your family join us in fellowship soon!
Emmalinda MacLean
Director of Religious Education