Classes in May: Exploring CREATIVITY

Our ministry theme for the month of May is Creativity, and I can’t wait to use our imaginations together—to play, tell stories, make art, and discover the gifts within all of us!


May 6th:  The Covenant of Right Relations


The theme of this service is creating community, and I’ll be telling one of my favorite stories about community—a West African folktale about hare and hyena, each building their huts, and the gifts that hare promises to the other animals in exchange for their help.


In class, we’ll play some imagination games—taking turns shaping the invisible “magic clay” into anything we want it to be, making pictures out of felt shapes, and exploring the power of creativity!

May 13th: Happy Mother’s Day!


This Mother’s Day (A holiday invented by a Unitarian, FYI) we will celebrate our annual Flower Communion, as well as honor children and families in our congregation with a Child Dedication Ceremony.  Families are invited to bring bouquets of flowers, from the store or from your yard, to be placed on the altar during the service; at the end of worship, everyone will take home one of these blooms as a reminder of the outpouring of beauty in the world all around us.


For the Child Dedication Ceremony, participating families acknowledge the values they wish to impart to their child through bringing them to a Unitarian Universalist church, and the congregation formally recognizes their role in the faith-development-journey of each child.  Both of these moving traditions are not to be missed, and both will be held while children are present in the sanctuary.


In between these two rituals, children will decorate cards in the classroom, to present as a Mother’s Day gift or for anyone they wish to show love for.  Let’s create and share beauty and joy!



Pizza and popcorn provided for a laid-back Saturday night at the movies!  If you didn’t sign up for this event at the Fall Harvest Auction, there is a suggested donation on a sliding scale of $10-20.  We’ll have a kid’s movie in the classroom, with childcare, a grown-ups movie in the sanctuary, and vegan/gluten-free pizza available.  Keep an eye out for the Evite and feel free to invite others; your RSVP will help us plan.  We hope to see you there!


May 20th:  Creating our own stories!


This service is all about play and improvisation—in fact, we’ll be making up the Story For All Ages, all together, as we tell it!  And as someone who has a special place in my heart for stories (and musicals), I’m also excited to be offering the special music for this service, singing one of my favorite songs, about the power of fairy tales and that happily-ever-afters can come true.


In class, we’ll explore telling stories about ourselves through a craft project built around weaving, and participants will be able to weave various ribbons and yarn onto a loom as we consider the ways our lives are interwoven with each others’.


AFTER SERVICE ON MAY 20TH—an all-ages art party!

Children, parents, and everyone are invited to participate in playful creativity during social hour; we’ll have some art supplies available, a mural to add to, and absolutely no wrong way to make your mark.  I look forward to creating something beautiful and unique with all of you!


May 27th: Memorial Day—Building an Altar to Life


In our annual Memorial Day service, I’m looking forward to sharing my favorite story about how death came to be a part of life—an important “why” question that many cultures and religions around the world have created stories around.  This one comes from Madagascar, and tells the story of how Creator gave First Woman and First Man a choice: to live like the moon, or like the fruit.

In class, we’ll reflect on what it means to create the life you want to live, and do some imagining about our future selves; we’ll also consider how improvisation is its own kind of beauty, and do some drawing or moving while listening to jazz music.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Usually attributed to Albert Einstein; actually probably said by George Scialabba

Yours in faith,

Emmalinda MacLean

Director of Religious Education