Classes in April: Exploring EMERGENCE

We are always blossoming into new versions of ourselves, and this season of blooming seems like a great time to examine Emergence.  Read on to find out what children and youth at Emerson will be up to for the next four Sundays!

April 8th: Bring a Friend Sunday!

Plenty of Unitarian Universalists LOVE their church but feel awkward inviting friends, even friends who would probably love it too, out of fear of being perceived as “evangelizing”.  So let’s agree that this weekend, we’ll all be brave together and extend the invitation (and the assurance that no one will try to convert anyone!) so that we can share the “good news” of this loving, welcoming, justice-seeking tradition we share.

Service will be oriented towards welcoming newcomers to UUism and considering what “spiritual growth” looks like in a church with as diverse beliefs as ours; in Religious Education, children will play some games outside, including with the parachute, jump ropes, and sidewalk chalk, to connect with our 7 UU principles and reflect on how they play a role in our lives.


April 15th: Marching for Our Lives

Emerson teens Logan Fisher and Chloe Kustak, and UU Santa Monica teen Annalivia Martin-Straw, will be speaking in this service about the student movement for gun control reform; youth and their families are especially encouraged to attend in support and solidarity.  In RE, we’ll reflect on the journey of emerging into a more peaceful world by making wishes for the earth, sprouting seeds, and making glitter-glue “calm-down” bottles.

We’ll also wish our childcare provider, Sarah Siskin, “bon voyage!” as she’ll be leaving to do some travelling!


April 22: Earth Day!


Emerson has a long tradition of celebrating Earth Day as a multigenerational service; this means that all ages will remain in the sanctuary throughout service, and no religious education class will be offered.  Instead, children and adults will worship together, in a hands-on, participatory way, as we learn about the web of all existence that connects us to all other living things through the intricate spiral dance of evolution.

For this service, we’ll also have a children’s space in the sanctuary: a soft carpet in place of some chairs, with some soft, quiet items that toddlers or young children can engage with while their parents sit nearby, allowing more room to wiggle while still being a part of the worship.  I am excited to experiment with creating kid-friendly sacred space within our sanctuary, alongside many churches trying similar new layouts, as we look towards ways to make service more welcoming to families; as always, I welcome your feedback!

April 29: Change and the Big Bang


For our final Sunday exploring Emergence, we’ll plant the seeds we sprouted on the 15th, and share what has been “emerging” in each of us over the past month.  We’ll learn how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and make artwork inspired by this miraculous transformation.

“No ray of sunlight is ever lost, but the green which it awakes into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted to the sower to see the harvest.  All work that is worth anything is done in faith.” ~Albert Schweitzer

Yours in faith,

Emmalinda MacLean

Director of Religious Education