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Classes in March: Exploring BALANCE

Here are this month’s Religious Education plans for Sunday mornings; we hope your children will join us to play, create, and wonder!


Sunday, March 4th: Class will experiment with balancing different objects and finding their centers of gravity, as well as playing some movement games to … read more.

Purim: Perseverance and Laughter – Sunday, February 25

Next week is the Jewish holiday of Purim, which Emerson children will be learning about and celebrating in Religious Education this Sunday!  The story of Purim is the story of a cruel advisor to the Persian king, who tried to persuade the king to banish … read more.

Celebrating Black History Month in Religious Education

This Sunday, February 18th, continuing our February theme of Perseverance, children at Emerson will hear the story of the Civil Rights movement and the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and we’ll explore ideas of power, privilege, and inclusion through games, stories, and art.  

We’ll play … read more.

RE MATTERS: Get Rich Slow: The Treasures of Community

By Emmalinda MacLean

Director, Religious Education

Treasure shows up in our lives in many ways; it’s just a matter of knowing where—and how—to look. The riches I find here at church remind me of the old Hasidic folktale about … read more.

RE Matters: Stay Connected

By Emmalinda MacLean

Director of Religious Education

Spring always seems to offer a wealth of opportunities for children and families to connect and grow relationships at Emerson—in the next two months we have Easter Sunday, Earth … read more.