Religious Education

RE Matters: The Atheist-Family-Friendly Sunday School

By Emmalinda MacLean Director of Religious Education   Unitarian Universalists have lots of different ideas about God. How do you offer “Religious Education” that embraces all of them? Kids in Emerson’s Sunday morning programming will hear a lot about our values and our principles. They’ll learn about what different religions and cultures practice and … Continued

RE MATTERS: Get Rich Slow: The Treasures of Community

By Emmalinda MacLean Director, Religious Education Treasure shows up in our lives in many ways; it’s just a matter of knowing where—and how—to look. The riches I find here at church remind me of the old Hasidic folktale about the poor man, who dreams that he will find a treasure buried under the bridge … Continued

RE Matters: Stay Connected

By Emmalinda MacLean Director of Religious Education Spring always seems to offer a wealth of opportunities for children and families to connect and grow relationships at Emerson—in the next two months we have Easter Sunday, Earth Day, a garden to be planted, and a Children’s Naming and Dedication ceremony on Mother’s Day! And that’s … Continued

RE MATTERS: Bold Changes for Our Classroom Community

By Emmalinda MacLean Director of Religious Education At the beginning of February, we decided to change our Religious Education classes in a big way, and I like it. We went from five classrooms—nursery, preschool, elementary, junior high, and high school—down to just one, meaning that toddlers up through teenagers now gather in a large … Continued

RE MATTERS: Raising Children in the Resistance

By Emmalinda MacLean Director of Religious Education Well, we are certainly alive in interesting times. This isn’t a reality any of us saw coming, and it’s frightening, especially to those of us struggling with how to explain to children—if at all—what’s going on in the world around them, and why people in power right … Continued

RE MATTERS: A Christmas Eve Story

The following story by Emmalinda MacLean first appeared in “Emersonians” on December 23, 2017. We reproduce it here for your enjoyment. Emmalinda MacLean Director of Religious Education I wanted to share a Christmas Eve story with all of you, although I won’t be there tomorrow night [December 24, 2016]; you’re all in my heart. … Continued

RE MATTERS: Religious Education Matters: Learning to Speak Love and Hope in times of Hate and Fear

By Emmalinda MacLean Director of Religious Education   In the aftermath of the presidential election, I’ve seen more and more of my friends and fellow Emersonians challenging themselves to become more informed, involved, and vocal activists, and it’s inspiring. It’s also hard, but church is a good place to develop and practice the language … Continued

RE MATTERS: Seeing How Other UU Churches Run RE

By Emmalinda MacLean Director, Religious Education   Recently I’ve been using the DRE’s Facebook group a lot more, and I’ve been learning a lot—it’s a forum for UU religious educators from all over the country to post questions for colleagues, share ideas for curricula and stories, and get support dealing with sensitive issues in … Continued

RE Matters: Joy at Church

  By Emmalinda MacLean Director, Religious Education   I believe wholeheartedly that children will best absorb the values that our religion has to teach them if church is a joyful place, and I try to bring that belief into all of our religious education programming. Of course, the challenge is that children are not … Continued

RE Matters: What it Means to be a Religious Education Teacher

By Emmalinda MacLean Director, Religious Education   Greetings!   The RE committee is in the thick of our big push to recruit teachers and assistants for classes that begin September 18th, and it’s a tall order: we need two adults for every classroom, every Sunday, for each of our five classes: nursery, preschool, elementary, … Continued