Poet’s Space

Dreamlike, a poem by Barbara Tober

A poem by Barbara Tober


Barbara Tober


When I die, I will dance with Secretariat.

He’ll kneel, inviting me to mount gracefully with ease

And grab a handful of shimmering chestnut mane.


Soaring on this glorious, fleet copper steed,

We’re stardom bound.

Then serene floating descent through pillow clouds

To gently raise up and … read more.

POET’S SPACE: The Valiant One

By Barbara Tober (aka “Zenyatta”)

The Valiant One

Circling, spinning, whirling

endless orbits around Earth

She was the first living being

to blast through the stratosphere

A perfect candidate for space cadet,

smart, willing to learn,

joyful, and most of all, courageous.

Trained in withstanding tremendous g-forces,

how to eat in space and

remain in the … read more.