Poet’s Space

POET’S SPACE: “As the Crow Flies” By Maria Linietsky

  The average distance between life and death is 78.74 years. Now, what do I mean by “as the crow flies?” Well, some of us are crows. We can go dancing through life, skimming the surface, flying over milestone after milestone through the welcoming air. Our trajectory arrow-straight, our cookie-cutter textbook journeys going off without … Continued

Dreamlike, a poem by Barbara Tober

A poem by Barbara Tober 9/28/09   When I die, I will dance with Secretariat. He’ll kneel, inviting me to mount gracefully with ease And grab a handful of shimmering chestnut mane.   Soaring on this glorious, fleet copper steed, We’re stardom bound. Then serene floating descent through pillow clouds To gently raise up and … Continued

POET’S SPACE: The Valiant One

By Barbara Tober (aka “Zenyatta”) The Valiant One Circling, spinning, whirling endless orbits around Earth She was the first living being to blast through the stratosphere A perfect candidate for space cadet, smart, willing to learn, joyful, and most of all, courageous. Trained in withstanding tremendous g-forces, how to eat in space and remain in … Continued