From the Board

FROM THE BOARD: An Open Letter from the Board Secretary

By Bettina Salas, Board Secretary   Dear Emersonians, Today, on Mother’s Day, I attended a wonderful service that included several child dedications and a flower communion. The highlights for me were the families who introduced their children to our community in a personal, meaningful, and often humorous way. Judging by the responses I observed … Continued

FROM THE BOARD: What do you want for this church?

By Don Ordway Board Trustee-at-Large What do you want for this church? For myself, when I first came to Emerson three years ago, the list was short and, I suspect, fairly common: A place where I could find people who share most of my values A place where I could exercise whatever creativity I … Continued

WhATSON MY MIND: Emerson UU Church Members “Represent” at District Assembly

By Tracy Watson Vice President, Board of Trustees This year’s annual Unitarian Universalist District Assembly was unique. At a time when immigration is front-page news, the assembly’s setting—near the border wall with Mexico, in and around Tucson, Arizona—underscored its special mission. Four congregations joined together to sponsor this district assembly and utilized the latest technology … Continued

From the Board: Volunteerism at Emerson

  By Lynne Masuhara Emerson Board President   There are so many things that I could write about, but my mind keeps returning to the long-standing problem of finding people to volunteer for various tasks that need doing around the church. What has become apparent is that everyone is incredibly busy. If you are a … Continued

FROM THE BOARD: “Three Heads are Better than One”

By Tracy Watson Vice President, Board of Trustees   At its February meeting, the Emerson Board of Trustees continued to grapple with the problem of filling the vacant position of Building and Grounds Manager. Recently we almost lost our wonderful Board President, Lynne Masuhara, who had just about decided that she was the only one … Continued


FROM THE BOARD By Bettina Salas, Board Secretary Dear Emersonians, New Year’s Greetings from your Board and a heartfelt wish for a healthy and peaceful year 2017! We left an ambiguous year behind. Happy and sad news seem to have accompanied us at every turn, and we are trying our best to remain upbeat … Continued

WhATSON MY MIND: ByLaws: To Question Is the Answer

By Tracy Watson Vice President, Board of Trustees Do you ever wonder how often and when the congregational meetings get set? How many people are on the Board of Trustees and how long they can serve? What would happen if some members of the congregation wanted to take a position on behalf of Emerson on … Continued

FROM THE BOARD: Welcome back to a new church year!

Dear Emersonians,   You haven’t heard from us for a while because even Board members need a summer break once in a blue moon. Three of us were out of town in July, so we skipped a meeting and started up again the beginning of August.   We have said good-bye to Rev. Mike and … Continued

Treasurer’s Report: June 5, 2016, Congregational Meeting

The fiscal year 2016 was an eventful one for Emerson: THE MORTGAGE WAS PAID OFF A FULL MONTH AHEAD OF THE TARGET DATE! The final payment was made 5/27/16 thanks to all of your generous donations. This means that the church is already saving by not having to make a $4,385 mortgage payment for June … Continued

FROM THE BOARD: One is the Loneliest Number

By Tracy Watson Vice President, Emerson Board     Emerson is a church that runs on the power of volunteers. It is a beautiful thing to see! Whether the parking lot gets opened for an event, the coffee gets made, the classes get taught, the visitors get greeted, the offering gets collected and counted, … Continued