By Susan Siskin



I am writing this article in the hopes of sparing someone else from the costly and traumatic experience that I have just been through.

I was scammed last week out of $4,500 and spent 4 ½ hours being “tortured” on the phone by a very good manipulator!

It is the new scam going around, and I feel embarrassed and stupid to have fallen for it. Basically, a “detective” called up and told me I had two warrants out for my arrest for not appearing for jury duty. Normally, I would have smelled a rat immediately. But because I had just lost my husband, Burt, I was extremely susceptible to this ploy. The caller insisted it would only take half an hour to clear up the situation, and then I “would not have to worry about being stopped by a police officer and taken to jail.”

I fell for it. They (there were two of them grinding me down) kept me driving all over town, getting money, going to the Chatsworth courthouse twice, going to the bank, going to two different Rite Aids to buy Green Dot Money Pak cards. It was like a scene out of “Mission Impossible.” They insisted that I keep my phone on speaker the whole time, and they were yelling at me till my head throbbed.

Because they kept me talking, I was never able to think how fishy this all was or to call a friend or check on the Internet. I have filed a police report, but the money is long gone. Apparently, the old gambit was something to do with the IRS, but this one is far more effective!

Please tell your friends not to fall for this dirty trick.

I know I will be extremely cautious in answering my phone from now on. The “detective” actually had the nerve to call me back the next morning; he probably thought he could get more money out of me. I told him where he could go!